The Frozen Frontier through the Lens: A Polar Research Exhibition

21 - 28 March 2024. Opening ceremony: 23 March, 18:30 UK time 

Room: Kirkland (South Hall). Opening ceremony: South Hall, 23 March, 18:30

This exhibition is part of the ASSW-2024 cultural program and features photographs taken by researchers, educators, and polar enthusiasts participating in the PEI & IACS 2024 Photo Contest. 

The criteria was to distill polar knowledge, research, and experiences into impactful visual stories. The exhibition was convened by Deniz Vural (PEI Council member, PhD AWI). The goal is to raise awareness about the diversity and urgency of polar research in the context of climate change. It is built on three pillars: First, the images serve as an educational resource, offering a unique opportunity for the wider community, especially students and learners, to engage with polar environments and scientific research conducted in the region. Second, the exhibition aims to facilitate dialogue and networking among scientists, photographers, participants, and the public, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the field of polar science. Third, by showcasing these stunning images from the photo competition at ASSW24 and on the PEI website, we anticipate a heightened curiosity about our pristine and remote polar regions,  encouraging polar research and environmental conservation. Thus, the exhibition acts to connect communities and build bridges between science and society.


PEI IACS Photo Exhibition