Arctic science informing sustained assessment in the North American Arctic

31 March 2022 from 09:00 - 18:00 (CEST / GMT+2)

Open meeting - HYBRID


Room: 2.072


Session Abstract

Sustained assessment activities (such as Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, Arctic Report Card, National Climate Assessments, Canada in a Changing Climate, IPCC etc.) have become a key driver of Arctic policy and research in North America. For these assessments to be as scientifically current as possible, they need to not only synthesize existing work since the last assessment, but also to incorporate work that is published during the early development of the current assessment. ASSW is an ideal venue for collating and coordinating this emerging science for Arctic-relevant assessment, which serves as foundational information assessment, but no coordinated process or model exists to ensure beyond the awareness of assessment lead and contributing author teams. To ensure the most up-to-date science is included in the fast-moving sustained assessment process(es), we aim to convene an event to synthesize material from ASSW participants (including but not limited to IARPC collaboration teams, agency scientists, and others) that should be included in ongoing assessments. For example, The US Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5) has multiple chapters that could incorporate new work presented at ASSW, and so by highlighting work that is likely to be published but has relevance for those chapters, the conveners could increase the representation of new science and simultaneously ensure a more current assessment. We propose a one day meeting focused on two outcomes. First, we suggest a series of presentations (likely by IARPC collaboration team leads or other synthetic entities) synthesizing the assessment-relevant emerging science from ASSW that could inform, e.g., NCA5 and soliciting input on characterization of that science. Second, considering, as a community, if a more structured process, rather than relying on author team membership, for connecting science from future ASSW/AOS meetings with sustained assessment processes, could better represent Arctic science. We envision a full-day meeting, with morning and part of the afternoon dedicated to synthetic activities and the late afternoon as a town hall meeting to consider better coordinating the connection between ASSW/AOS science and sustained assessment processes.

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