IASC Action Group on Carbon Footprint community meeting

29 March 2022 from 14:00 - 15:30 (CEST / GMT+2)

Open Session



Room: 1.425 (Teorifagbygget Hus 1)


Session Abstract

As an organisation working at the forefront of climate change in the Arctic, it is becoming increasingly important for IASC to lead the way in reducing our environmental impact. During the last year, IASC’s Action Group on Carbon Footprint has brought together ideas from the IASC community and from other Arctic organisations to establish a new set of guidelines for IASC meetings and workshops, with the aim of minimising our carbon footprint. At this event, we will share what we have learnt and lead a discussion around how to make Arctic research more sustainable.


Session Organizer: 

Sophie Haslett and Svenja Holste
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