AGORA Workshop

20 February 2023 | 08:30 - 18:00 (GMT+1)

Open Session - HYBRID


Room: Hörsaal 2


Session Conveners: Sergi Pla-Rabes (CREAF UAB . Spain); Clay Prater, Emilie Gauthier


Session Abstract

The AGORA (A collaborative Arctic research community assessment of interactions between global change drivers, societies and subsystems through space and time) initiative represents a common ground to bring together Arctic scientists, indigenous researchers, and community stakeholders together as a collective to discuss the core problems faced by the Arctic in the 21st Century. This workshop will focus on how these issues may be better understood by providing a firm historical context that extends beyond our limited instrumental monitoring. We aim to assess the impacts of main factors associated with global change (e.g., climate, ice thaw, environmental pollution and wildlife abundance and diversity) on the Arctic and its human inhabitants using a Panarctic lake sediment core records and indigenous knowledge extending back ca. 1000 years. Looking at the past provides the opportunity to document the complex relationships between climate, ecosystems and human societies, which will provide a deeper understanding of how they will respond to future changes. Agora workshop aims to create solid linkages within disciplines to solve key questions on the current Arctic emergency. Understanding the causes and consequences of current Arctic change is an urgent and immense task for humankind.