Outside in: How do experiences and knowledge from outsiders influence environmental monitoring and long-term research

21 February 2023 | 14:00 - 18:00 (GMT+1)

Open Session - IN-PERSON


Room: Erika Weinzierl Saal


Session Conveners: Zdenka Sokolíčková, René van der Wal, Jasmine Zhang (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala; Arctic Centre, University of Groningen)


Session Description

There are increasing demands on scientists to recognise the value of other ways of knowing. Whilst this may increase openness of science, it also enforces the view that knowledge generation in the world of science is little influenced by knowledge and experience from outside this world. During the last three years, we have investigated how environmental monitoring and research is conducted in High Arctic Svalbard. While setting out to find ways how knowledge from outside could enrich science, we encountered numerous ways in which this is already happening but not made visible. At the same time, other connections – initiated from either side – failed to materialise. In this workshop we invite participants to reflect on the permeability of environmental monitoring and research to knowledge and experience from outside this sphere. You can be present in the way you are most comfortable with (e.g. as an actor in the role play, an observant joining reflection rounds, etc.). Try out what it feels like to be in the shoes of others—scientists, tour guides, technicians, locals… An interdisciplinary team working on environmental memory in Svalbard invites you to a 50 minutes interactive and immersive workshop, hoping for diverse participants from all realms mutually entangled in experiencing and understanding Arctic environments.