Connecting Communities to create impact - IASC Cross Cutting workshop led by scientists and educators

25 March 2024 | 11:00 - 18:00 (UK) 

Open Session - Onsite Only

Room: Duddingston (JMCC)

Organiser: Maria Pia Casarini (Polar Educators International - Italy / UK)


Event Description

Event Description:

Following the award of a cross cutting grant (ending 2024) members of Polar Educators International (PEI) are hosting an open meeting to encourage discussions and exchanges among educators, researchers, ECRs and Arctic Indigenous knowledge holders present at ASSW. Representatives from the IASC Working Groups are warmly encouraged to take part. We will explore ideas for sharing Arctic science with diverse audiences, in an informal setting, in support of ICARP IV.

Much has happened since the first inception of “Connecting Communities” in December 2022. At ASSW 2023 in Vienna, ICARP IV Steering Committee indicated a direction that PEI members support wholeheartedly, when the requirements of Research Priority Team 6 were outlined (“Preparing present and future generations through Education, Outreach, Communication, Capacity Building, and Networking”). It gives PEI an appropriate role to play in supporting ICARP IV.

A central tenet of ASSW2024 for PEI is obtaining the widest possible participation in compiling and submitting the “Connecting Communities” Survey. We are seeking important input from Arctic scientists and delegates of ASSW towards the production of a feasibility study on the value of including polar educators in ICARP IV.

Only by engaging audiences beyond polar science will researchers widen the impact of the vital work they do. Members of the Marine, Atmosphere, Human and Social Sciences and Cryosphere Working Group communities, Fellows and Early Career Scientists, members of the Arctic Community, can contribute ideas and science themes to connect polar education, Arctic science, and traditional knowledge. Similar to the last IPY polar educators workshops, scientists and polar educators will connect by holding the PEI 6th International Conference in Boulder in 2025. Throughout ASSW2024, including the Arctic Observing Summit, PEI will consult about the feasibility of including polar educators to connect research communities at ICARP IV, providing evaluation and knowledge transfer for a multi-dimensional impact for ICARP IV.