POLARIN: Polar Research Infrastructure Network

26 March 2024 | 08:30 - 10:00 (UK) 

Open Session - HYBRID 

Room:  Pentland West (JMCC)

Organiser:  Veronica Willmott (Alfred Wegener Institut, Germany)


Event Description:

POLARIN is an EU funded project that pools an international network of polar research infrastructures and their services, aiming at addressing the scientific challenges of the polar regions. The network includes a wide array of complementary and interdisciplinary top level research infrastructures: Arctic and Antarctic research stations, research vessels and icebreakers operating at both poles, observatories, data infrastructures and ice and sediment core repositories. POLARIN will provide integrated, challenge-driven, and combined access to these infrastructures to facilitate interdisciplinary research on complex processes. 

POLARIN will run for five years (March 2024 to February 2029). This session is intended to give an overview of POLARIN activities in the coming years and what to expect from this project.