Scientists as ambassadors for an Arctic in crisis

24 March 2024 | 16:00 - 17:30 (UK) 

Open Session - HYBRID

Room:  Salisbury (JMCC) 

Organiser:  Lisa Winberg von Friesen, Henrieka Detlef (Aarhus University, Denmark), Neelu Singh, Amanda Burson


Event Description:

The Arctic is experiencing changes at an unprecedented rate, emphasising the need for more prominent messengers or ambassadors. This includes the crucial task of bridging the gap between complex scientific research and the wider community to make research findings understandable and actionable and to develop an informed opinion concerning climate actions. 

This community workshop is designed to be a platform for various professionals, including researchers, scientists, educators, and community leaders. The main goal is to encourage discussions and the sharing of ideas, with a specific focus on our evolving role in a rapidly changing Arctic environment. The key themes for discussion will be (1) effective communication of research findings, (2) making a significant impact on the public and policymakers, and (3) considering the ethical aspects of involvement in climate action or opinion making. The workshop will feature invited speakers who will provide insights, followed by group discussions and a brainstorming session. The brainstorm will be used to explore the possibilities of formulating an effective 'emergency call for the Arctic'. Different potential avenues might include a combination of fact-based information, such as white papers, together with artistic installations, videos, photos, or similar. 

Participation from individuals at all career stages, regardless of their prior experience in these areas is highly encouraged.