ASSW 2022 Science Day Poster Session

Convener: Camilla Brekke (UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Norway)

Online posters:

  1. Asim Ali - Monitoring glacier changes in Disko Island, Greenland Using Object-based image Analysis in Google Earth Engine
  2. Shridhar Jawak - Synergistic merging of aerial photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning data to detect geomorphological changes in Hornsund, Svalbard
  3. Shridhar Jawak - Earth observation and remote sensing activities to develop an efficient regional observing system in Svalbard: Experiences from SIOS remote sensing working group (RSWG)
  4. Andreas Köhler - Remote monitoring of the European Arctic with seismic arrays: listening to the cryosphere and solid Earth
  5. Alexander Mchedlishvili - Atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions: ICESat-2 Pan-Arctic Sea Ice Drag Coefficient Data
  6. Ximena Vega - Recent airborne remote sensing applications in Svalbard
  7. Mariana Verdonen - Long-term monitoring of permafrost degradation in North-West Finland
  8. Tobias Vonnahme - Estimating primary production outside a Southwest Greenland fjord using remote sensing and in situ data
  9. Bernardo Costa - The fast-changing coast of Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula (Beaufort Sea, Canada): geomorphological controls on changes between 1985 and 2020
  10. Sagar Wankhede - Effect of atmospheric corrections on the spectral reflectance and mapping of glacier surface facies
  11. Kamil Czarnecki - Dynamics of changes in the coastline of Kaffiøyra (Svalbard) in the light of photogrammetry and remote sensing using UAV
  12. Nick Hughes - Sea ice and iceberg monitoring and product development at the Norwegian Ice Service
  13. Junyoung Yang - Spectral Characteristics of the Arctic Vegetation in Adventdalen, Svalbard
  14. Divya David T. - Subsurface chlorophyll maximum and water column primary productivity in Kongsfjorden